Lunch Menu

Lunch at Vintage Tea Room, Fareham, Hampshire

Vintage Elevenses | £4.50
A slice of cake from the counter accompanied by a pot of tea or filter coffee.

Toasted Tea Cake with butter | £2.00
Add preserves for £0.50

Scone | £2.50
Cheese, fruit or plain served with butter.
Add preserves for £0.50

Cake | £3.00
A slice of cake from the counter.

Sandwich | £4.50
Baguette | £5.00
Panini | £5.00
Toastie | £5.00
Made to order, served with coleslaw, crisps & side salad.

Fillings available:
Bacon, beef, brie, cheddar, chicken, cucumber, egg, ham, salmon, tuna.
Accompanied with your choice of chutney, horseradish, mayonnaise, pesto, pickle, salad.

Ploughman’s | £5.00
Gammon ham or cheese (add £0.50 for both) with salad, silver skinned pickled onions, chutney & baguette with butter.

Salad | £5.00
Beef, chicken, egg, ham, quiche, salmon or tuna.

Jacket Potato
Served with coleslaw & side salad.
Butter, beans or cheese | £4.50
Chilli, chicken curry, tuna mayonnaise | £5.00

Little Appetites | £5.00
Sandwich (cheese, ham or jam) with crisps, fairy cake, ice cream and a drink.